Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's Just All Too Much

Too much boobs, too much stomach, too much thighs, too much chub in the cheeks. Le sigh. I do not want to look like this in our vacation photos eleven weeks from now. So it's back to calorie counting in conjunction with Intuitive Eating for me. And it's definitely time to step up the frequency of workouts. This isn't going to turn into a health and fitness blog by any means, but I think this post and the follow up post eleven weeks from now will keep me accountable. As will the little text box on the sidebar if you are interested in my weekly progress on the scale and at the gym.

Off-topic Note: This is the DVF dress I scored at Clothes Heaven a few weeks ago. Clothes Heaven must have some angelic mirrors because it looked so much more flattering in the store. I still love the dress even though it's a pretty big departure from what I usually gravitate towards. Generally I prefer solids over patterns and I never wear yellow. Ever. Hopefully in eleven weeks it will look like it did in those heavenly mirrors.


valerie said...

I like the dress and it does not look at all bad on you! And there is not that much yellow...little bits of color are good. Aren't you the one telling me to embrace pink all the time! ;-)

WeezerMonkey said...

This very honest monkey agrees with you on the boobs part, but what can you do about that?!

I think the dress is lovely. I also think that home bathroom mirrors are deceptively unflattering, so the truth probably lies somewhere in between your bathroom mirror and the store's mirror!