Sunday, August 3, 2008

Product Rave

Approximately two months ago I bought one of these lovely beauties:

Today I knocked my lovely Rhythm & Blue clear off a dining table at a restaurant. Through a wrought iron railing. Into a stairwell. Onto a solid hardwood floor at least twelve feet below. Can you say HORROR!

After getting through the initial shock of it all, I climbed downstairs to survey the damage. Suprisingly, the only apparent injury was the battery compartment cover being jostled open, thereby releasing the battery. After getting the battery back in and turning the camera on, I was shocked again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Color me impressed with the durability of this little baby.

I just might be Canon's bitch for life.


valerie said...

Omg, I'd have had a heart attack! Sounds like the time my cell phone fell down the escalator (bouncing crazily the whole way) at the AMC. I'm glad there was no damage!

WeezerMonkey said...

I am very excited to hear this!
Obvious reasons. ;)