Thursday, July 31, 2008

Like a 90s Supermodel

Jack is a cute little dog. And he knows he's darn cute too. Whenever we spend too much time (read: more than 5 minutes) doing things other than lavishing attention on him, he starts making all sorts of expressions and gets into poses that just make us stop in our tracks and go "Awww." Yet when the camera comes out to capture his cuteness he scampers off. But inspired by the 90s supermodel who stated she wouldn't wake up for less than $10,000 a day, I was able to take these photos by letting Jack linger in our bed longer than he normally gets to. He might have even had the chance to nibble on a biscuit while there. He likes thinking it's his deluxe doggie bed.

His profile shot.

His mug shot. See his underbite peeking out? That's the reason why he was the last one left in his litter. :-(

Sleepy puggle. Much like his pet parents, he's not an early riser.

Mopey puggle. He knows when I'm getting ready to leave for the day.

Jack wouldn't know what to do with $10K other than shred it to bits, so instead of money he got "paid" for his photo session with an off leash romp outside. The beagle in him loves running through fields and picking up scents in the grass. I love seeing him get this goofy, happy expression on his face. His tail was wagging so much it was a blur!


WeezerMonkey said...

So cute! That profile shot is perfect. It should be on a coin!

Dunc said...

Jack is giving Oscar a run for his money!

JD 2 B said...

I love pictures of Jack. He's adorable!

Anonymous said...

How cute! We are on a waiting list to adopt a puggle. I hope we get him!

Kristen said...

Aww we have a puggle, too! Jack looks just like our little pup and I am well versed in the many 'looks' you get from him! Hopefully Jack doesn't have a desire to eat your shoes like our does. They say they grow out of that but I'm not convinced! Sharing the puggle love :)