Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Past, Present, Future?

Last week, my supervisor walked into my office holding an envelope. Usually that signals something ominous, like a performance review, but instead I was presented with this pin.

It commemorates the completion of my 5th year of service to The Agency. July came and went without me even realizing that I had moved down here six years ago. So much has changed in that time. Not everything went according to the plan I had in my mind, but thankfully much of it was for the better.

Six years ago:
  • I was at the start of a 2-1/2 year probationary employment period, never knowing if or when I'd be fired.
  • I took a $10K paycut which left me barely making ends meet.
  • I was in a toxic long-distance relationship.
  • I had never stepped foot in a courtroom.
  • I didn't know anyone in SoCal.
  • I was living in an apartment that felt more like a temporary place to crash, not like home.
  • I was constantly homesick.


  • I have a very stable job.
  • I earn a comfortable salary.
  • I met and married a man who makes me laugh everyday.
  • I have made good friends, both at work and outside of it.
  • Not only am I comfortable in a courtroom, but there are some judges whom I truly consider friends.
  • I purchased my first home.
  • I have a dog again.

Did you notice how I didn't address my level of homesickness in the 'Now' list? ;-) That's because part of me still is homesick. It's not something I feel on a day-to-day basis like I once did. But every once in a while, especially if I haven't been up north in more than a couple months, it starts to eat at me. I feel bad that my parents are up there all alone. And as grateful as I am that I have maintained most of my friendships, I still get sad sometimes that I miss out on the random, spur of the moment meet-ups and events. I've reached the point where I can say that I have adjusted to life in SoCal, but still feel at times like I don't quite fit in here. Moving back to the bay area is probably not going to be an option in the foreseeable future. But in the meantime I can visit, hopefully more often, and appreciate my time up there.

Considering that six years ago I never even thought I'd still be down here, I'm curious to find out what the next six years will bring.

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WeezerMonkey said...

I love this rundown. I like learning things about my friends. :)