Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Weekend Highs & Lows

I had to go to Babies r' Us on Friday evening to buy a gift for my neighbors H&S. Babies 'r Us is tied with Home Depot as my least favorite shop to be at. They share the same qualities: too big, usually too crowded and filled with items that I just don't get.

At the co-ed baby shower the next day, there was yummy cake. There was also a game involving chugging beer out of a baby bottle. So inappropriate, yet so much fun to watch.

Parental issues that reared their ugly head. No health concerns and the problem will be resolved shortly, but it was stressful nonetheless.

Being reminded of how supportive and encouraging Eddie is. He was dead serious when he said so many years ago that would treat my parents like his own.

Knocking my camera off a table at Cafe Santorini. I think it's a sign from above that I am not meant to be a food blogger a'la WeeMo.

I was at Cafe Santorini to have lunch with SweetSexyDestiny. I hadn't seen SSD in almost a year, which was unbelieveable to us both. We started chatting immediately and so much that the waiter had to come over four times to check whether we had looked at the menu yet. The food was great. I would dare to say that the lamb souvlaki was better than the one I had while actually in Corfu, Greece. And the waiter comped us a dessert even though we didn't order one. Yay for more yummy cake!

*** I had planned to end this on a positive note, but ... ***

Ultimate Low:
I know you all love pictures. And I swear I took pictures pertinent to this post. But Blogger just keeps refusing to upload them. Four times. waaahh!

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WeezerMonkey said...

Aww, dropping your camera doesn't mean a thing! :)

Boo to Blogger being temperamental!