Friday, March 20, 2009

Birthday Blisses

Who says Friday the 13th is an unlucky day? For me, last Friday was a day filled with bliss. I took the day off. I slept in. When I did leave the house it was for an early lunch at Le Diplomate Cafe in the Brea Mall. I started with the complimentary bread and bruschetta. This was so damn good. Had I known how good it was going to be I would have ordered a side salad or a cup of soup instead of my entree, just so I could eat this entire basket of bread.

But alas, I had already order a brie, avocado and apple panini. It was good, although I think I could have managed with a bit less avocado and a little more apple.

After lunch I walked over to the Glen Ivy Day Spa for my 80-minute massage, using a gift card I received for last year's birthday. Better late than never I suppose. It was more crowded than I expected for a Friday, so I didn't hang out too long in the whirlpool/sauna area. All that chatter doesn't relax me. It turned out I didn't need that stuff; the massage was heavenly and got rid of any tension I had.

I left Brea on the early side, so that I could beat traffic on my way home. I needed to get dolled up for dinner! I used the occasion to debut some recent purchases.

Cole Haan Aurora Slingbacks in black patent:

Louis Vuitton Sunset Boulevard bag in Amarante:

Then Eddie picked me up for a return trip to OC, to one of our favorite restaurants: The Hobbit.

The Hobbit is tucked away on a busy street lined with strip malls. The restaurant has been in operation since 1972, but the home was built in the 1930s. After last month's dining debacle, I wanted to go somewhere familiar and reliable for my birthday. The restaurant may not be modern or trendy, but it consistently turns out good food and excellent service. Eddie and I first ate here three years ago and have returned 3 or 4 times since. We have never had a bad experience. A dinner at The Hobbit really is an experience. There is only one seating per evening and seating is somewhat limited.

From their website:
ACT I: All our guests are invited into our wine cellar to begin the evening. You are handed the evening’s menu and a flute of Hobbit Champagne. Hot and cold hors d’oeuvres are placed throughout the cellar for you to enjoy while selecting your wine for dinner. Executive chef/owner Mike Philippi, his wife Debra, and sommelier Greg Cole are available in the cellar to help select wines-a fun task with over 1000 labels from which to choose.

*What I appreciate about their cellar is the fact that they have something for nearly every price point. I saw full size bottles available from as low as $38 to into the thousands of dollars. They also have a wine pairing available for $40 that is tailored to the menu. Three of the pairing are 4 oz. pours, while the dessert pairing is a 2 oz. pour. The sommelier is very easy to talk to and not at all snooty.*

ACT II: Our guests are invited upstairs to their own table. Act II includes an appetizer, followed by a fish, fowl or light meat, and then a salad course. You are then invited to enjoy “intermission” – take a walk, relax on the patios or visit the kitchen to speak with the chefs.

ACT III: Ten to fifteen minutes later you are invited to return to your reset table for Act III. A flavorful sorbet is next as a palate-cleanser. The main entrée is served complete with accompanying vegetables. Dessert arrives next, always available with an after dinner list of coffee drinks, liqueurs and fine cognacs.

If it is a special occasion, you will also receive handmade truffles along with your dessert.

It was quite dim at our table, so my pictures didn't turn out, but here is a look at our menu:

The birthday blisses continued into the weekend, which was filled was sheer laziness and relaxation. It really doesn't take much to make me happy.


WeezerMonkey said...


suitablegirl said...

Happy belated birthday. :)

tam pham said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! LOVE the LV purse! You should do outfit pics :-)!

dapotato said...

happy belated!!! love the LV bag. the hobbit's been on our list forever, and then the bear moved away from north OC without us ever going. bleh.

NorCalMrs said...

So glad you had such a great day for your birthday!

Grace said...

Sounds like your birthday was a good one, happy belated! Love the shoes and bag. I was at Brea Mall last night, lol.

Kristen K. @ Glen Ivy said...

Greetings from Glen Ivy!

I came across your blog and noticed that you made a stop at our Brea location. I am so pleased to hear that you enjoyed your massage. We hope to see you at the spa again, sometime soon! To your health and happiness!

A Feminist Gold Digger said...

That bag is to fucking die for! The color!!!

amber said...

happy belated birthday! it sounds like a fabulous day!