Monday, September 22, 2008

I'd Like More Time With This Bottle

Note: There are not any photos to accompany this food related post. I was dining with co-workers and no one at work knows that I blog. Not even my friends. It's just better this way. And since I work with a bunch of lawyer-types, taking photos of our meal would have definitely raised some questions.

There usually isn't much to rave about in the way of restaurants out in BFE. But on Friday I had a great lunch at Time In A Bottle wine lounge & restaurant. Family owned and operated, it's truly a hidden gem on Orange St. The interior was warm, cozy and inviting with a few tall tables, a long bar and several couches. There is also a room in the back for larger groups or special events. Our small group opted to sit at one of the tables near the front windows. Our server Adrienne turned out to be not only the daughter of the owners, but the executive chef as well.

Wines are available by the glass or bottle; you could also build your own flight from the extensive list. We each opted for a glass and were all pleased with our selections. I opted for a glass of St. Clair pinot noir. The menu offers an array of appetizers, panini and flatbreads. We ordered a cheese fondue, a prosciutto & pesto panini, a shaved roast beef panini and a margherita flatbread. The paninis were served with a green salad containing mixed greens, edible flowers, fresh berries and topped with a sweet vinegarette. All were wonderful and just the perfect portion size. One of the dipping items for the fodue, the herbed cheese puffs, were so good we ended up ordering a separate appetizer portion of them. For dessert, we shared the tiramisu accompanied by chilled glasses of Chocolate Amore port. I'm not usually a port drinker, but this port paired perfectly with the tiramisu. After seeing how much we enjoyed the port, Adrienne brought out glasses of Sauternes for us to try with the cake as well. She was interested in finding out how the Sauternes paired with the tiramisu. It complemented the dessert, but was not as awesome as the Chocolate Amore was. By this point, none of thought we could eat another bite or drink another sip, but then we were served strawberries topped with an amazing chocolate liquer. It looked and tasted like melted chocolate. It was an incredible ending to an incredible meal.

This was definitely a splurge lunch both in terms of cost and calories, but well worth it.


WeezerMonkey said...

Maaaaaybe you can say that you're doing the "take a picture of everything you eat" diet. ;)

dapotato said...

i like the monkey's idea. i wonder if this is anywhere near my mom's. sick of the places around her house...