Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fierce at Fifty

Two Fridays ago (I'm so behind on blogging!) my co-workers and I took MissFab out to celebrate her birthday. MissFab truly is fabulous: outspoken, stylish, an expert in her field and possesses a heart of gold. Much like Samantha on SATC without all the freakiness.

We started our evening at Las Campanas at the Mission Inn.

We all had massive margaritas. There were also several yummy quesadillas and flautas (and a not-so-yummy ceviche), but we were a hungry bunch. I couldn't take a picture fast enough.

We had tequila shots too.

There was a purpose behind loading up on alcohol. We needed the liquid courage for what lay ahead in the evening. MissFab thought we were just having a happy hour. Little did she know that we were also going to be doing a little bit of dancing. Lap dancing and pole dancing to be specific!
We were all signed up for a private dance class through From Mind to Body. It was the most hysterical 90 minutes that I can recall ever spending with co-workers. First we had to pair off. Then we each took turns being the dancer and the recipient as we learned the choreography. Start with grinding up against the wall, then drop it like it's hot and start crawling towards your partner. Massage your partner's legs with your arms as you snake your chest back and forth, then rise and repeat the grinding while you are essentially straddling your partner's lap. Then do a seductive walk around your partner, massage their back and chest while standing behind them, thrust your boobs into the curve of their neck, walk back to the front and do some more grinding. Oh and caress yourself sexily whenever you have the opportunity to do so. Now, that all seems pretty silly in writing. It is even sillier when done with people you know! Everyone was a great sport about it though and got into the routine in their own way. Fraggle & SoccerMom took the prize for most interpretive when they started making their best "RAWR" faces while crawling. MsClass showed us her wild side my literally letting her hair down and flipping it all around. Other folks, MissFab included, worked diligently on committing the routine to memory. As for myself, I couldn't look my class partner in the eye without completely cracking up and had to disengage while dancing, gazing at the wall instead. I guess that's what jaded strippers actually do? Not that I would really know or anything ..... just going off what I've heard.

After learning a lap dance we moved on to learning basic pole dancing maneuvers such as the Walk, the Half-Swing, Basic Spin, Spin w/ Leg Extension, the Leg Stroke and what I truly excelled at: the Pirouette into Slow Sliding Squat. That would totally be my signature move.

In addition to doing private lessons for parties, the studio also markets a weekly series of these classes for fitness purposes. I have to admit, we had all worked up a pretty good sweat by the end of class and almost all of us had muscle soreness to a degree the next day.

And because I'm sure you're all dying to know, Eddie has not yet reaped the benefits of my dance lesson. I really don't know when he will. I imagine it would be on a day when a lot of alcohol is consumed. But I can't imagine actually doing the dance without one or both of us laughing our asses off. :-)


JD 2 B said...

OMG. Seriously I don't think I could do this with my coworkers! Although it does sound like a blast. :-)

WeezerMonkey said...

I would be SO RIDICULOUS in such a class.

dapotato said...

it seems you have a great group of coworkers. my old ones...never.

my hubs would laugh at me hysterically or give me very strange looks if i ever tried to pull that off.

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