Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Caution: 90210 Spoilers Ahead

You've been forewarned.

I'm leaving lots of spoiler space.

There's even a photo taking up even more space to make sure you can stay unspoiled if you haven't watched this week's episode yet.

"I KNEW IT!" is what I shouted, much to Eddie's amusement, when Brenda revealed who the father of Kelly's baby is. It had to be Dylan. No one else would have made any sense based on the characters' personalities and the clues we were given in previous episodes. Last week it was mentioned that Kelly had a history with her baby daddy dating back to high school days. The only major character that Kelly seriously dated during the high school years was Dylan. There was some speculation it could have been Steve's child, but I always thought those folks were stretching. Deeply.

I never fully believed it was Brandon's baby either. First of all, Kelly and Brandon didn't hook up until college. But beyond that, Brandon Walsh aka "Mr. Always-Do-The-Right-Thing" would not be an absentee father. Also, Ma and Pa Walsh would not be absentee grandparents. It would be a complete character assassination to think that any of those three characters would be totally absent from a loved one's life. Dylan, however, makes sense. While the original 90210 left off with him and Kelly together, they have always had a tumultuous relationship. Dylan has also been prone to disappearing when he felt it suited him. I know the current show was trying to build up suspense leading to the big reveal, but the only way they could have shocked me was to have anyone other than Dylan be the father.

If you remember my earlier post about 90210, I had said I probably wouldn't be watching the 2nd edition. Well, I have been watching but I haven't been enjoying it. I simply don't care about any of the new characters except for Erin Silver. And I only care about her since she is a member of one of the original families. The past three weeks I've been DVR'ing the episodes and fast forwarding to the scenes involving Brenda and/or Kelly. But once their roles end, I'm out.

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WeezerMonkey said...

I just finished watching. It's really a very bad show.