Thursday, October 2, 2008

Paraphrasing Kathy Griffin

Charter Communications can SUCK IT!

Since November '07:
  • 1 change of channel lineup without notification which included moving Bravo to a higher tier.
  • 2 malfunctioning DVRs.
  • 8 hours of vacation time burned waiting for a service technician.
  • 10 days without service due to waiting for a Saturday apppointment slot, in the interest of not wasting anymore vacation time.
  • 9 hours wasted on a Saturday for a service technician who never showed up.
  • 2 hours wasted on a Sunday morning waiting for the guy who should have showed up the day before.
  • 1 hour spent on the phone disputing a bill that charged me for the 10 days we didn't have service.

And then tonight:

  • 3rd DVR breaks down or there is a wiring issue.
  • Talk to three service reps over the course of two hours.
  • All service reps insist the earliest time a technician can come out on a weekend is 9 days from today.
  • All service reps refuse to offer any type of credit despite all our ongoing difficulties.
  • We find out our downstairs neighbor is also having the same viewing issues. We are the only ones in the building experiencing problems.
  • Downstairs neighbor has a service technician coming out on Sunday, 3 days from now.
  • Call Charter back, advise them of what's going on and ask if that technician can be sent up one flight of stairs while he's here Sunday.
  • Not only do they refuse, but service rep dude actually yells at me, gives me attitude and tries to talk over me as I point out how ridiculous their business practices are. I demand a supervisor.
  • The supervisor clearly does not care.

We are now customers of DirectTV.

But they can't come out until sometime during the week or next weekend either. F it; can't win anywhere.

Perhaps it's all a sign from above that we watch too much tv.


WeezerMonkey said...

If that's a sign that you watch too much TV, then we all know what my broken wireless router indicates.

grace said...

We are actually experience our own tv issues tonight. We got Direct TV 2 weeks ago and one of the boxes is already acting up and they're giving us a new one... Good luck

A Feminist Gold Digger said...

That is a nightmare!!! I don't know if I would be able to go on with life.