Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not Quite Nirvana

I'm still woefully behind on blogging about the spring and summer, but how about something a bit more recent in the meantime? Two weeks ago I met up with some friends for brunch at Nirvana Grille at the start of OC Restaurant Week.

Champagne is a good start to any brunch. 10YT agrees with me! Rather than buying individual champagne cocktails, the four of us split a couple bottles and added our own peach, pomegranate or blood orange purees. Blood orange definitely packed the most flavor.
Mrs50% and I started off with the salmon toasts. These were yummy. So were the chicken wontons that 10YT and Serendipitie ordered.
Mrs50% had the Nirvana Rancheros, which looked fantastic.
10YT and Serendipitie had the heirloom tomato sandwich served with thyme fries.
I ordered the Nirvana Poached Benedict served with house potatoes. It was good, but needed just a tad more salt. It was a good decision to order a side of bacon (more on that later).
10YT had apple pie for dessert.
Mrs50% had a molten chocolate cake that was divine.
Remember my side order of bacon? I saved half of it so that Serendipitie and I could jazz up our desserts.
Much to our dining companions disgust, Dipitie and I both ordered roasted figs served with maple ice cream flecked with pieces of crumbled goat cheese. This was good on its own, but a piece of crumbled bacon took it to the next level. The saltiness of the bacon set off the sweetness of the dessert and provided a nice contrast in textures.
So far so good, right? Good company, good food, decent service ..... what could I possibly complain about? How about the waiter stalking me down as I was exiting alone and inquiring about the amount of the tip we had left?
That's right. Our waiter stopped me as I was leaving the ladies' room and asked me if the amount we each paid on our respective cards was intended to cover a tip as well. When I said "yes" his response was that we left him only a 10% tip. I instinctively knew that couldn't be right, but he kept going on and on about it as I was trying to do some math in my head. At this point, a rational person would have asked to see the bill, gone over it and attempt to figure out any discrepancy. I was not that rational person. Serendipitie was. I was the deer in the headlights, please get me out of here, god I hate awkward situations, here take $10 type of person. Thanks Dipitie for getting my $10 back!
One place where I did not spend any of my money was the LF store, which we wandered into after lunch. If you ever feel like old costumes from Madonna's or Michael Jackson's tours in the '80s, head here quickly.
No outing would be complete without a group pic. Thank you ladies for a lovely afternoon!


valerie said...

The food looks scrumptious! I still can't believe that waiter!

weezermonkey said...

Is it bad that I rarely take photos of people these days?

Food is so much easier to capture!

amber said...

I still can't believe the gall of that asshat waiter!!

Serendipite said...

So sad for the Nirvana Grille that we are all avid bloggers! LOL

Baby Mama said...

So after seeing you ladies go there, I totally dragged H, BIL and SIL to brunch. YUMMY! I even ordered a mimosa. :-D

Oh, and I came fully prepared to fight with our server, but luckily, our server rocked and there was no need to throw down. ;-)