Friday, February 13, 2009

The Book Challenge -- January Recap

When the book club board on The Nest announced the 50 Books in 2009 challenge, I thought it would be a snap. I read a lot. I read quickly. I've been averaging almost fifty books a year anyways.

Cockiness can backfire 'yo.

I read only ONE book in January, Stephenie Meyer's The Host. It wasn't a terrible book, but clearly sci-fi is just not my thing. Hence why Eddie uses the time I'm away from home to watch the Sci-Fi channel to his heart's content.


10yearstogether said...

I'm pretty moted as well. I think I only read 2 or so books in January. Oopsie.

amber said...

i'll refrain from sharing my number. :P

do you have some other books on your TBR pile that look good?