Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Recap

On Saturday Eddie and I headed to Disneyland for his annual company picnic. (Tangetial Rant: Working at The Agency may have its perks, but seriously? We do not get the same level of parties and picnics that other employees get. Our annual picnic is usually in Victorville ... in the dead heat of August. Gah!) I was a little skeptical of Disney's claims of being allegedly the happiest place on Earth. After all, during my previous visits I was knocked down by one of the Three Little Pigs and was the victim of canoe rage on the Davey Crockett ride. This visit, however, was not as eventful. We went (for free -score!), we barely had to wait for any ride, we ate lots of junk food and we mingled with Eddie's fun coworkers. At the end of the night I was happy and Eddie was happy that I was happy. Maybe there's something to Disney's claim after all.

On Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting some of the OC Nesties for brunch in Long Beach. I'm very much a newbie when it comes to Nestie GTGs, but every time I have attended the ladies have been nothing but friendly an welcoming. Many more details and awesome photos can be found over at Weezermonkey's blog.

Overall it was a great weekend. I was in a major funk last week and the weekend activities were definitely the prescription I needed to get rid of it.


WeezerMonkey said...

As much as I hate Disneyland, I think even I would choose it over Victorville!

valerie said...

Disneyland IS the happiest place on earth...usually. Things that make me, disneyana, corn dogs (drool), pinapple whip, mint julep, ice cream sundae, fireworks show and the Pirates of the Carribbean ride. Yea, after all the food...just roll me out of the park.

Things that don't make me happy there...moms with strollers that mow you down, crazy lines and the hollandaise sauce at the Blue Bayou (bad...just bad).

JD 2 B said...

It was great to see you at the GTG..I'm so jealous you went to Disneyland..:-)